Business Legal Consultancy Services

1. Business legal counseling services

Business legal counseling services both in Thai and English through discussion, email or letter.

  • Legal counseling services regarding civil and commercial issuesg. contract and obligation, property, labour, hire of work, hire of property, hire-purchase, loan, deposit, compromise, bill, partnership and company, family, succession, etc.
  • Legal counseling services regarding criminal issues g. offenses against property, offenses against document, etc.
  • Legal counseling services regarding specific laws g. laws relating to labour and labour relations, unfair contract term, consumer protection, conflict of law rules, administrative issue, cheque, arbitration, computer, bankruptcy and rehabilitation, etc.

2. Legal documents and/or business contracts drafting or reviewing/revising

Legal documents and/or business contracts e.g.

  • Power of Attorney
  • Legal Correspondence
  • Demand for Payment
  • Termination Letter
  • Complaint Letter to Government Officials
  • Warning Letter
  • Work Rules
  • Loan Agreement
  • Property Lease Agreement
  • Employment Agreement
  • Service Agreement
  • Product Sale and Purchase Agreement
  • International Sale and Purchase Agreement
  • Distribution Agreement
  • Compromise Agreement
  • Non-disclosure Agreement
  • Agency Agreement
  • Transfer of Rights Agreement
  • Production Manufacturing Agreement
  • Transportation Employment Agreement
  • Debt-restructuring Agreement
  • Consulting Service Agreement
  • Security Employment Agreement
  • Cleaning Service Agreement
  • Franchising Agreement
  • Arbitration Agreement
  • Memorandum of Understanding
  • Appeal to Administrative Order
  • Pre-nuptial Agreement
  • Marriage Agreement
  • Memorandum attached to Divorce Agreement
  • Will
  • Depository Service Agreement
  • Escrow Agreement

3. Legal counseling services regarding labour laws and documents drafting or reviewing/revising

  • Employment Agreement
  • Guarantee Agreement
  • Non-Disclosure and Non-Compete Agreement
  • Scholarship Agreement
  • Registration of Employees
  • Memorandum for deduction of wage
  • Work Rules
  • Job Application
  • Resignation Letter
  • Warning Letter
  • Termination Agreemen


  • Memorandum of Understanding
  • Corporate restructuring by reducing employees and/or changing terms of employment
  • Establishment of a system for Human Resources
  • Transfer or termination of employees due to a merger & acquisition
  • Labour dispute negotiation
  • Consultation on whistle blowing
  • Legal counseling services regarding criminal offences related to labour laws


4. Legal counseling services regarding labour relations and documents drafting or reviewing/revising

  • Submission of a demand for changing terms of employment
  • Registered Labour Relation Legal Advisor
  • Labour dispute negotiation due to the demand received
  • Advice on lock-out and strike
  • Advice on a labour union
  • Advice on an establishment of employees committee
  • Advice on unfair acts


5. Legal counseling services regarding procedures for labour court

  • Advice on proceedings in labour court
  • Advice on an unfair termination

6. Legal counseling services regarding other labour issues

  • Social security
  • Workmen’s compensation
  • Provident fund
  • Employment service


7. Legal counseling services regarding immovable properties and documents drafting or reviewing/revising

  • Agreement to Sell and Purchase Land and House
  • Agreement to Sell and Purchase Condominium Unit
  • Land Lease Agreement
  • Reservation Agreement
  • Area Lease Agreement
  • Service Agreement
  • Agreement of Usufruct
  • Construction Employment Agreement
  • Design Employment Agreement
  • Memorandum attached to Mortgage Agreement
  • Memorandum of Understanding for Residential
  • Registration of any rights arisen from land and house


8. Legal counseling services regarding corporate laws and documents drafting or reviewing/revising

  • Legal due diligence
  • Take-Over Agreement
  • Consortium Agreement
  • Joint Venture Agreement
  • Shareholders Agreement
  • Share Purchase Agreement
  • Article of Association
  • Arrangement of secretary for directors/shareholders meetings
  • Arrangement of annual general meeting and extraordinary meeting for shareholders
  • Arrangement of minutes of meetings
  • Merger & Acquisition


9. Legal counseling services regarding unsafe products

10. Legal counseling services regarding Trade Competition Act

11. Primary legal counseling services regarding bankruptcy and rehabilitation laws

12. Legal counseling services regarding criminal cases

e.g. assist with lodging a complaint to an inquiry official