1. Civil Case

  • Contractual disputes e.g. sale and purchase agreement, lease agreement, hire-purchase agreement, employment agreement and so forth
  • Property disputes e.g. land dispute, inheritance dispute and so forth.
  • Family disputes e.g. breach of an agreement, divorce, claim for alimony and so forth.
  • Tort and claiming for damage.
  • Demanding for payment according to a cheque.

2. Criminal Case

  • An offense related to property e.g. defraud, embezzlement, burglary and so forth.
  • An offense related to life, body, freedom and property by law, which having criminal offense.
  • An offense related to cheque by virtue of the Offence Arising from the Use of Cheque Act, B.E. 2534.

3. Specialized-Court Case

3.1 Employment Case
The civil and criminal case(s) related to an employment dispute e.g. the demanding of compensation, the demanding of severance pay, the claim for damage from undue-dismissal and so forth.

3.2 Administrative Case
The case related to an act or an omission of an act of an administrative body or officials or a dispute related to an administrative agreement or a case to revoke an undue-administrative order.

3.3 Bankruptcy Case
The case related to file a lawsuit against a debtor to be adjudicated as an insolvency, the creditor’ subrogation, demanding for payment, demanding for debt sharing.

3.4 Intellectual Property and International Trade Case
The case related to an international sale and purchase of goods or providing of international service, a civil case related to trademark, a criminal case related to an offense of trade secret, copyright.

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